Some songs get stuck in your head and never want to leave.

Take “Because I Got High,” the 2001 smash that introduced Afroman to pop culture. The song proved alternately silly and catchy, a wicked combination that gave the rapper an early taste of fame.

Now, Afroman is back, and his new song won’t earn him many new friends in the business.

“Hunter Got High” mocks the First Son’s notorious addictions, something pop culture hasn’t attempted to explore for the past four years. 

The rapper teamed with Nashville songwriter Chris Wallin to update the song and make it relevant to the 2024 presidential race.

Late-night comedians have refused to poke fun at Hunter Biden. Far-left host Jimmy Kimmel threw softballs at the first son when Hunter Biden promoted his autobiography, “Beautiful Things.”

Had Hunter’s last name been Trump or DeSantis, the jokes would never end.

That left Afroman with a golden opportunity.

The track, courtesy of Baste Records, brims with humor mainstream news outlets won’t like one bit.

He was making 80 Gs a month, but Hunter got high

On a job brother ain’t never done, Hunter got high

He’s got more LLC’s than John Gotti’s ex-wife

The song gets snarkier as it bounces along.

Just imagine if he wasn’t rich and so damn white, 

The cops will raid his house, eat his lemon poundcake, disconnect his cameras and steal his money

The latter, rushed out in a breathless fashion, refers to the rapper’s brush with the law in 2022. The musician was never charged with a crime, but the police sued him for using the security footage of the raid in his art.

The far-Left pushback against “Hunter Got High” and an artist of color has already begun.

The music news site Consequence called it “sad” that Afroman reinvented himself as a right-leaning artist. The subhead on the article says it all:

Full of tired references, lacking passion, and accompanied by one of the worst music videos you’ll ever see

Hunter Biden matters, still, despite the media’s efforts to squash his laptop scandal during the 2020 campaign. Few journalistic outlets cared that the First Son scored so many high-ranking positions on the global stage without any requisite experience.

Nor have they followed up on GOP investigations tying his actions directly to future President Joe Biden.

That’s partially why musicians won’t use their creative talents to mock Democrats. They know they’ll face blowback both in their professional ranks and via the press.

Making a Hunter Biden diss track couldn’t be more rebellious, especially for a rapper whose last smash came more than 20 years ago.

Welcome back, Afroman.

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