Hollywood’s silence on the raging antisemitism on college campuses continues.

Very few voices are willing to speak out against it, with Michael Rapaport and Patricia Heaton being rare, and welcome, exceptions.

Add a certain “Friend” to that embarrassingly short list.

David Schwimmer used Instagram to call out the insanity running wild in academia over the past week. The “Friends” alum posted a damning video showcasing the violence, hatred and rage flowing from the pro-Palestinian protests over the past few days.

Raw footage. Undeniable evidence. The video brings the receipts.

“Hamas we love you,” chant protesters at Columbia University, one of the more chilling messages in the clip. We also see pro-Palestinian protesters violently attacking people on campus.

Schwimmer shared it with his 8.2 million followers along with this powerful statement.

Jewish students across America are experiencing the worst attacks on their rights, dignity and safety in my lifetime.

While some of the protests are peaceful, the atmosphere is one of pervasive harassment, intimidation, segregation, hate speech, threats & acts of real violence.

If this were any other minority group the response would have been immediate outrage and action. And yet this antisemitism grows, spreading from middle school to high school to college campuses nationwide…

Please show your support for your Jewish neighbors, friends and colleagues.

Silence is complicity.

Is he addressing his fellow celebrities? Perhaps. Either way, his comments are candid, welcome and necessary. Now, if only the President could do the same with equal passion.

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