Jon Stewart is back on “The Daily Show,” but fans will have to wait until Feb. 12 for his official return.

Even if he were on-air this week, Stewart likely wouldn’t go near this:

Or this:

Stewart, like the rest of liberal late night hosts, avoids jokes that make President Joe Biden look poorly. Many do just the opposite, spinning the news to Team Biden’s benefit.

Case in point?

That’s not how Adam Carolla rolls.

The comedian and podcaster is astounded that the nation’s Commander-in-Chief can’t get through a speech without slurring his words.

  • How is this possible?
  • Why won’t the media cover something like this?
  • Shouldn’t the American people be informed that their president is mentally compromised?

Those questions are top of mind for Carolla and his tag-team partner, Dr. Drew Pinsky. They spent two episodes of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” this week marveling at the clip, playing it over and again to decipher its bigger meaning.

Carolla teed off on the crowd surrounding Biden on that fateful day. They cheered and clapped as if Biden had articulated his point with passion and precision.

Except neither was the case.

The co-star of “No Safe Spaces” broke down Biden’s “don’t mess with women” slurred moment, wondering what Biden actually meant to say. He also mocked the crowd for enthusiastically cheering on his indecipherable rant.

“Those dumb yentas who are unemployable because it’s Tuesday and it’s noon and they have no f***ing where to go, and they’ll stand there and cast a vote for a senile, corrupt old f***, they’ll just cheer rhythmically,” said Carolla, acknowledging both Biden’s age and the sobering accusations that he used his political powers to enrich his family. “Dumb people are rhythm-based.”


The comic wondered about the scriptwriters whose work is continually spoiled by Biden’s inability to speak clearly at the age of 81.

“Somebody wrote that speech and thought, ‘this is gonna be a big cheer break,’” the comedian said about the Biden slur. “There’s some 29-year-old guy who went … f***, that was my line. He just f***ing muffed it.”

Carolla heard the clip and imagined the “Blazing Saddles” character, memorably played by Jack Starrett, who mumbled his way through a town meeting.

“Authentic frontier gibberish,” another character called it.

Carolla made that connection, but he wasn’t alone.

“An hour later I was going through Twitter and there were eight memes of that,” he said.

Carolla isn’t tethered to any political party. Nor does he feel pressure from management telling him he can’t mock the President.

It’s one reason late-night audiences are shrinking, and more people are seeking authentic comedy from less traditional sources.

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